Why we need best title for SEO ??

What is meta title

Title Tag is a title of a page which is almost always used in search engine results. It’s a very important part of SEO as search engines determine whether a page is relevant to certain users’ search queries. Title tags in SEO are also used to attract users attention, they help to understand what information will be displayed on the page. But SERP is not only one place where users see a page title. And it is critically important to understand.

1. Title in html code

Here how title and meta title look like in code. You can copy it in 1 click.

<meta name="title" content =" On-Page SEO - important of SEO "> <title>What is a Meta Title Tag and How Important Is It for SEO</title> 

2. Title in SERP

SERP is may be the most important place, because of organic search is one of the biggest sources for relevant website traffic.

3. Title in social media

Remember that people can share your content in social media. How many people will visit these links depends on how good is your title. User behavior in search engines and social medias differs. Users see a specific SERP in search engine depends on queries they entered. But while they use social media they often have no a clear goal. 

4. Title in browser tab

More open tabs user has while working in browser, more important for him to navigate between them fast. And there are two points that help him in this purpose: website favicon and title

5. Title in browser bookmarks

Useful links are saved to browser bookmarks. With high probability if user has a lot of bookmarks, he will forgot what page is about. That’s why clear title is a must in this case too.

Why is title important

Title tag is important for two reasons.

Ranking factor. As one of 200 ranking factors title has influence on would your page displayed in top by keywords or not. Impact of title depends on it contains keyword or not (and it is better if title start with this keyword).

Conversion factor. This is an average CTR (click-through rate) your page has. This metric we can get if sum CTR from all sources: organic search, social media, browser tabs, messengers etc. Navigating through web user makes a lot of decisions. Each time to visit a page he answers on questions: “does it what I need now?” and “why this page and not another?”. If your title is boring, not relevant and too long, there is a high risk that nobody will click on it.

How to create good meta tag title

1. Availability

The website title line must be filled! Otherwise, the page will not be ranked.

2. Length

The optimal meta title length is from 60 to 120 symbols, but as the user cannot view more than 60 characters on the query results page, we strongly recommend to create titles which do not exceed this limit.

3. Relevance

Title must reflect the purpose of this page, that is to say, it should be relevant to its content. Otherwise, the search systemscan choose it on their own.

4. Keyword usage

The most frequent keyword (in the direct entry) from those participating in the page promotion should be included in the meta tag title. As a rule, there is a recommendation that it should be placed as close as possible to the beginning of the text.

5. No duplicates on the page

The tag “title” should be used on the page only once and its place is in the code block “head”, not “body”!

6. No duplicates on the website

If it is possible, create a unique title for each page of the site. You can check the uniqueness using Google, just write the text in a direct match in the search bar and explore the results.


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