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Today we are going to explain the very hot topic for SEO trends 2019. Now many people are very excited to know that What new trends will emerge, what old trends will die, and which trends will continue in the next year?
SEO is a very broad topic and every year it goes on changing so its very difficult to keep everything.In this blog i am going to share some of the biggest SEO trends I’ll be tracking in 2019.
As now many people are not interested in typing the word in google they are interested to talk with google and search the query, that means you understand what i am going to talk about.Yes,friend there is nothing different we are talking about the voice search algorithm of google.
Voice search is clearly growing in popularity – and at a very rapid rate, too. In fact, I feel like in a couple of years, we’re all going to hear “Ok, Google” all around us every few minutes. By 2020, the experts believe that 50% of all searches will be voice searches.
As per survey 35.6 million Americans use a voice activated device at least once a month, and one in six Americans now own smart speakers.
As per this the SEO world goes changing very fast so there is need to every digital marketer to up to date.
This we are going to explain with one example like you want to search one restaurant in your area.
old procedure :
People goes to google and type the nearest restaurant near me then google gives the nearest places address in google search map. after they call us or get find the direction.
New procedure :
people uses the google assistance and talk with google such as nearest restaurant near me.after that google catches his voice and transfer it into there language and automatically find the nearest restaurant without typing any text.this is a very fast procedure and easy to use,you-can save your time also.
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