15 Top Social Media Sites to Consider for Your Brand

The 15 most popular social media sites in 2019(MAUs stands for Monthly Active Users)
1.Facebook – 2.23 billion MAUs 2.YouTube – 1.9 billion MAUs3.WhatsApp – 1.5 billion MAUs4.Messenger – 1.3 billion MAUs5.WeChat – 1.06 billion MAUs6.Instagram – 1 billion MAUs7.Tumblr – 642 million MUVs8.Qzone – 632 million MAUs9.Tik Tok – 500 million MAUs10.Twitter – 335 million MAUs11.Reddit – 330 million MAUs12.LinkedIn – 294 million MAUs13.Snapchat – 255 million MAUs14.Pinterest – 250 million MAUs

Why Social Media Must For Small business ?

10 Reasons Why Marketing Through Social Media is a Must For Every Small Business

1. Your customers are on social media.
2. Consumers will be more receptive to your messages when marketing through social media.
3. Marketing through social media can help increase brand recognition.
4. Marketing through social media increases your inbound traffic.
5. Different social media channels help you reach specific audiences.
6. Social media advertising allows you to target and retarget ideal consumers.
7. Marketing through social media is cost effective.
8. Social media marketing may help improve your search engine rankings.
9. Marketing on social media leads to higher conversion rates

Activity Plan For Facebook Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Facebook Optimization Strategies
      Here Are some tips to increase your business with the help of Facebook. Doing following activity in Facebook page you should increase the traffic in your Business page organically. This is very helpful for your knowledge.  Step By step Strategies        }Creating profile
}Creating page
}Content development
}Buzz creation
}Integration page with other social media channels
}Post updates with links to the desired landing page
}Joining groups and pages
}Adding members
}Starting discussions
}Sharing links
}Creating Facebook “like” button and badge, to place it in the website and blogs
}Run contests, promotional campaigns, polls…
}Video sharing via YouTube tabs ( for viral campaigns)
}Photo sharing via page flicker apps/ similar apps
}Document sharing ( PDF, PPT, whitepapers, brochures, notes..)
}Customized contact form/ registration form
}Promote blogs/feed
}Adding custom tabs
}Tagging use of various external interactive Apps

Why we need best title for SEO ??

What is meta title
Title Tag is a title of a page which is almost always used in search engine results. It’s a very important part of SEO as search engines determine whether a page is relevant to certain users’ search queries. Title tags in SEO are also used to attract users attention, they help to understand what information will be displayed on the page. But SERP is not only one place where users see a page title. And it is critically important to understand.
1. Title in html code
Here how title and meta title look like in code. You can copy it in 1 click.
<html> <head> <meta name="title" content =" On-Page SEO - important of SEO "> <title>What is a Meta Title Tag and How Important Is It for SEO</title>  </head> </html> 
2. Title in SERP
SERP is may be the most important place, because of organic search is one of the biggest sources for relevant website traffic.
3. Title in social media
Remember that people can share you…

How to rank your Local Business on google map ?

Hello Friends, You have a client for SEO (Search engine Optimization)?? First you all are known that the SEO having the two sections such as on page and off page.Now many clients register their business on Google map where any user can easily find the address and contact of your Business. Listing the Business on Maps is a part of Local SEO.

As per my experience Google business listing is only one place where you get the business very easily. This is a part of the Local SEO and Google provide this service is free of cost. You can add the multiple location having different details and increase your business very fast.

Day to day Google changes its algorithm including UI/UX design simultaneously your listing also get affected. It is very easy to register your business with Google maps. Now at present scenario every business is listed on Google map but the main challenge is that in Google search resultwhich person listing shown on top, it is very difficult to get on first page. If some time…

The Ultimate Guide to Write a Blog Post

You Have Probably here that Blog is very important part for the Digital Marketing. But it's important that you learn how to start a blog and write blog posts for it so that each article supports your business.

Digital Marketing Marg Provides You the Better Solution for Writing Best Blog in 6 steps. You Can Note Down the Steps :
1. Understand Your Audience 2. Create Your Blog Domain 3. Choose a Best Theme Related to your Business 4. Choose an Attractive Title who can Increase your Engagement 5. Write an Introduction 6. Organize your Content

1. Understand Your Audience
Before Creating the blog, Understand your Audience and define strategy to target the audience. Because the Audience is very important for Improving your Business Online/Offline.
2. Create You Blog Domain Name